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Monday, 4-Jul-2011 11:45 Email | Share | Bookmark
MCA - News from Chinese medias

Sinchew 4th July 2011

Dr Chua: MCA will not behave arrogantly like DAP to think that it will receive Chinese support but MCA will work to get every vote from all races.

He said MCA will not treat Chinese support as everything unlike DAP that only relies on Chinese support.

DAP claimed to have 80% of Chinese support and it has been rising the aspiration of the community, when MCA is unable to deliver, it will blame MCA for being powerless in government. If MCA managed to get it done, DAP will claim credit as its effort because of their pressure, MCA made it happened.

MCA members should continue to work hard and play their role well, he is confident that MCA will be able to help BN to regain Selangor.

He said Selangor PR government had promised to give land to build SJKC, but when federal government allocated the grant, Selangor had not approve any land.

There is no land approved by Selangor government to build new SJKC even in Hulu Selangor.

Chua also said Selangor charged the people RM1,000 to extend land title but the money is only for the registration of land lord, it has not included the cost for the transferring of land usage.

He said Selangor government land transfer fee is the top in Malaysia and causing the land price in the state to increase by a few folds affecting house price to go up.

He said it is not the problem of developer but the government due to the high land transfer charge, each house price has increased between RM10,000 and RM50,000.

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